Ne pas avaler

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Do you believe what Le Pen is telling you?
Can she really bring some order back to France?

Le Pen – Ne pas Avaler is for those who don’t buy what she is selling. Paying homage to an original poster from the 1968 Paris Uprising, this new version is as relevant today as it was back then.

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Fake news, political rhetoric, far right and regressive left.

This original poster (below) warned people against believing the version of events as reported by the capitalist pro-government press.

Written on a black bottle, the type reserved for poisons, Press -Not To Be Swallowed.

Today we have to question the internet as a news source. Propaganda factories deliver fake news helping create a perfect day of outrage to everyone on the planet. Who’s to blame? The feeders or the masses who just can’t get enough…

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A3 (297mm x420mm)