Undenk at Vivid

Undenk at VIVID Festival

Undenk recently took part in the VIVID Festival of Light in Sydney Australia.

We put together a series of projections for an installation in Walsh bay. The subject was Create or Die and the guiding theme was the elements of Fire, earth, Air and Water.

Notes on the Video

The idea
Creativity or creation is a necessity – from a quantum level at the beginning of the universe 13.72 billion years ago all the way to today as I write these lines. Recent discoveries in physics shows us how the universe can be created from nothing and that same notion can be applied to the human brain – the idea of thought. I have used the four elements to represent eras in the history of the universe. Step one is Fire. The intense chemical and quantum reactions that built the stars that exploded and scattered the matter that created the earth and thus life as we know it. Step two is Earth. Its creation and subseq civilisation uent chain of events that lead to the evolution of man, awareness and eventual creativity. Step three is Air. Symbolising the journey of and the lifeblood us. The perpetual motion of life and death and life again. The force behind curiosity and exploration Step four is Water. The unbeatable force that wears things down and erases history. The symbol of the end of what we are and what we represent. All our creativity and ideas gone.

The images were collected from the internet and other sources as ‘found objects’ or artifacts of time. Each Image has be chosen because it represents and idea of creativity either with intent or at a quantum level. With supporting words that signify key thoughts during that period.

An accompanying story as told by Philosopher and writer A.C. Grayling Suppose that just once in the twelve billion years of the universe’s existence, and in just one tiny corner of it, consciousness flickered into existence, grew to self-awareness, and lasted for a brief few millions of years, producing literature and music, philosophy and science in the process.

Imagine that it also thereby produced moments of great happiness but also of great suffering, great kindness and love, and great cruelty. And then – because of a virus, or a collision with another planet, or because of mankind’s own stupidity – the flicker of consciousness comes to an end and the universe reverts to being an empty, neutral play of natural forces.

Now suppose that the sum total of good that emerged from the brief existence of consciousness outweighed the sum of bad. That fact would make the whole history of the universe a good thing. But if the sum total of evil outweighed the sum of good, that would make the whole history of the universe a bad thing. If this simple thought is in any way compelling, it suggests that each of us has a responsibility to try to make the good outweigh the bad in the universe, so that it can be a good place overall. That is a heavy responsibility; but a vitally interesting one: and it demonstrates the wholly general way that philosophical reflection can provide a basis, and a reason, for living one way rather than another in the adventure of life.

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