Racism and Free Will

If Pauline Hanson read a little more maybe she'd start to make sense

Australia Right Wing Politics

There’s a rise in Racist Right Wing politics happening all over the world right now. It surely begs the question about how and why this sentiment is taking hold in so many places.

Look at Brexit, a bunch of old people thinking that their way of life will be destroyed by a few people fleeing war.

In Australia, we have our own Pauline Hanson. A right wing racists that hates Asians and Muslims. Her argument against muslims starts with her belief that if we introduce squat toilets then the Australian way of life will be destroyed forever.

Then there’s Trump trumpeting his craziness too.

Why is it so hard for a politician to actually talk about the problem rather than trashing the culture.

If you subscribe to Sam Harris’s view on Free Will then these people aren’t to blame for who they are. They have no choice but to be who they are.

People aren’t inherently bad. Religion is bad.

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