July Desktop

July’s desktop wallpaper is ready for downloading

The past month has been quite constructive. The imminent AGM in Barcelona will set a tone, take a snapshot, and push the idea of what undenk is trying to achieve in the next 12 months and beyond. All very corporatey and not at all hipster.

One of the real influences of this month was the idea of being constructive. Too many times do people post work or ideas online and the comment fields are set ablaze with negativity. SCREW THAT I say. Get back to some positivity, some ‘all in it together’ communist ideals. mmmmm.

At the very least, we should all realise that our thoughts and comments online are really just drivel and guff, so there’s no harm in saying something more constructive.

Anywho, available in three sizes. toodles!

Left click and save as: 1400×900,  1920×1200,   2560×1440

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