Ignorance, Idiocy, Evil – The Post Truth Era

Better the hard truth, than the comforting fantasy?

Which camp do you fall into?

Choose your street corner, and get ready to riot.

The cold hard facts of the world or a bit of blissful ignorance? Here’s a hint – there’s only one choice in the world of Undenk and double think is not it.

Ignoranace – One simply doesn’t know the facts.

Idiocy – One is presented the facts and simply doesn’t understand.

Evil – One is presented the facts and simply chooses to believe the lie. (Post Truth)

Or is it that humans are inherently lazy and choose to not engage their brains? Instead they sit back on the sofa poking at click bait and online ordering their next dopamine hit.

Click on the images below for printable versions.

The original option

Facts Trump Feelings

The colour option

Facts Trump Feelings Colour version

The lazy option

Feelings Trump facts

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