Hold Your Own Plebiscite™

Hold Your Own Plebiscite™

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Australia recently held a plebsicite to gain public opinion on Same Sex Marriage. The result – an overwhelming yes!

They then proceeded to pass the bill into law. Only 4 politicians had the guts to vote no. They are clearly on the wrong side of history. But more than that a few of the vocal opponents of the bill who have been campaigning feverishly against the motion did not even have the guts to vote at all.

Tony Abbott was one of those. He had spent all day in the chamber arguing passionately about why he wasn’t satisfied with the bill as it stood.

But when it came time to vote — and he could have voted against it — he made a gutless lurch for the door.

Mr Abbott’s weak act didn’t have anything to do with democracy, it was a protest against it. And history won’t forget that.

Too gutless to vote with his personal convictions and too gutless to swallow his own pride and vote the way 75% of his constituents in the seat of Warringah voted.

Ladies and gentlemen I present you… A politician

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